1. Say hello to my new website!

    5th version of my website is built on SimplyBuilt, the simple and beautiful website builder.


Enjoy that each wooden pixel is fluently
moving and formed in fun shapes.

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  1. Want to learn more about me?

    I'm still building this new website
    so you may also want to check my work on Behance.

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  2. Want to contact me?

    Please let me know if you have any interests in my work.
    Ask anything about it.

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Built on SimplyBuilt

This website has been built on the beautiful website builder is called SimplyBuilt.
Push, my company invented it and I believe it's simple enough to everyone.

Keep the beauty whatever you do.

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  1. Xou Clock

    Did you reach here to get the famous screensaver, Xou Clock? You can learn more about it here. Or simply click below link to download it.

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  1. Retro HanLee.com

    Are you surprising where it the previous website that is awarded by Webby Awards?

    Learn more about it and go to the website